Who is MercapMan?

Methyl MercaptanMercapMan is the company mascot for GPL Odorizers. MercapMan is here to educate the industry and public on the importance of odorizing natural gas. MercapMan,  the good egg wants everyone to know that the nasty, rotten egg smell commonly associated with natural gas is there for a reason.

Since natural gas is odorless, an odorant like mercaptan is injected into natural gas to warn you. If you smell that rotten egg or sulfur-like odor, take appropriate actions which may include leaving the area and calling 911.

GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers logoGPL Odorizers manufactures safe and effective, smart gas odorization systems that are planet-friendly and backed by an industry-leading service platform and warranty. Our products are represented by an excellent network of manufacturers’ representatives and distributed exclusively by Linc Energy Systems.

Mercaptan Blog

Check out our MercapMan blog which regularly publishes information on natural gas odorization, mercaptan, odorization regulations, odorizers, and safety tips, like what to do if you smell gas.