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At Risk? You can’t smell gas because you have a smell disorder?

When someone suffers from anosmia, he or she is unable to smell the odorant used to odorize natural gas. A hyposmia sufferer may also be unable to detect the gas. With both medical conditions, a dangerous situation would present itself if there was ever a natural gas leak.

Anosmia or Hyposmia Smell Disorders

Unfortunately, not everyone has an ordinary sense of smell. While some people may have a diminished sense (hyposmia), others are unable to smell at all (anosmia). Some studies have suggested on average 1-2 % of North Americans have impaired smell. Causes of reduced olfactory perception range from aging, allergies, viral infections attacking the olfactory nerve, medications, hormones, diseases, and other conditions, though some people are born with no sense of smell (congenital anosmia). Continue reading

NEW Odorization System Upgrade – Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings

GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of the advanced eco-friendly odorization system, has added an even more robust odorant injection system upgrade. The odorizer manufacturer now offers Shelter Works custom-built fiberglass buildings to protect the entire system from the weather, as well as improve aesthetics and dissuade vandalism. Continue reading

Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course (AGMSC) 2017

The Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course (AGMSC) is July 31 – August 3 at the Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Plan to stop by the GPL Odorizers booth to learn the latest in low- and intermittent-flow natural gas odorization. Continue reading

Tennessee Gas Association Distribution & Operations Conference 2017

The Tennessee Gas Association (TGA), Distribution & Operations Conference, is March 28-30 in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center. Continue reading

10th Annual Kentucky Gas Association (KGA) Expo

The 10th annual Kentucky Gas Association (KGA) Expo is March 21-22 in Lexington Kentucky at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort. Plan to stop by the Relcon booth to learn about the latest from GPL Odorizers. Continue reading

Ohio Gas Association (OGA) 2017 Technical Seminar

GPL Odorizers will be attending the Ohio Gas Association (OGA) 2017 Technical Seminar & Affiliate Display on March 16-17 at the Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center in Lewis Center, Ohio. Continue reading

SGA Spring Gas Conference and Expo | 2017

The SGA Spring Gas Conference (Southern Gas Association) and Expo is March 13-15, 2017, at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. GPL Odorizers will be exhibiting at this event. Continue reading

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