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Discontinued: GPL Z9000 Odorizer (Formerly from Zeck Systems)

GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of premium odorization systems, announced the discontinuation of the GPL Z9000 odorant injection system. The company will provide support for the current odorizers in the field as well as sell parts for the unit until December 31, 2019, or while supplies last.

Z9000 Odorizer Discontinuance

Zeck Systems originally designed and manufactured the Z9000 odorizer. Sentry Equipment acquired Zeck Systems in 2010, and GPL Odorizers purchased the odorization line in 2015. The Z9000 was introduced in 2003 as a simple, low maintenance, and ventless odorant injection system. Continue reading

NEW Odorization System Upgrade – Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings

GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of the advanced eco-friendly odorization system, has added an even more robust odorant injection system upgrade. The odorizer manufacturer now offers Shelter Works custom-built fiberglass buildings to protect the entire system from the weather, as well as improve aesthetics and dissuade vandalism. Continue reading

Just Released – GPL 750 Gas Odorizer

The GPL 750 Odorization System provides odorant injection for natural gas, biogas, and propane and is now available. The 750 Odorizer is an innovative and eco-friendly approach to accurate, optimal and consistent gas odorization for low-flow, no-flow, and intermittent volume applications.

What Makes the GPL 750 Different

The GPL 750 uses patented drip technology to inject a fixed measure of odorant into the gas stream ensuring accurate and repeatable odorization in the most challenging conditions. Even in low flow and intermittent flow circumstances, the 750 odorizer provides odorization proportionate to gas volume. The 750 even functions well in no-flow situations.  It is simple in design, eco-friendly and SMART (offering remote data and control capabilities). Continue reading

Natural Gas Odorization Equipment – Odorant Injection Type

In an earlier post, we discuss how there are two categories for natural gas odorizers, vaporization or odorant injection style. In Wick-Type Odorizer and Bypass Odorizers | Vaporization Type, we share that vaporization style odorizers have limited applications, specifically low-flow, and constant flow where there is little variation in gas flow.  Here we discuss the injection style odorizers.

Chemical Injection Odorization Systems

GPL Odorizers 750 Odorant Injection Synstem

Randy Bishop of Linc Energy Systems demonstrating a new GPL Odorizers’ odorant injection system.

Today, chemical injection systems are used for transmission pipelines, most large cities, many medium size loads and even some small loads in particular applications. The injection may be performed using either a pump or a drip method that injects a known volume of odorant into the gas pipeline. By adding small amounts of liquid odorant into moving gas, the gas becomes odorized. In this style of odorizer, a computer controller monitors the flow which in turn will vary the injection rate.

There are three odorant injection technologies worthy of mention: Continue reading

Wick-Type Odorizer and Bypass Odorizers | Vaporization Type

We can classify natural gas odorization equipment into two categories, either chemical vaporization or chemical injection. This article will discuss the vaporization type.

Vaporization Equipment

Natural Gas Odorizer

The GPL Z9000 odorizer (pictured) is an odorant injection system that is feature-rich, ventless, eco-friendly and excels in low-pressure and low-flow odorization.

Examples of vaporization systems are the wick-type odorizers and bypass-type odorizers. Both these systems are simple to use. However, they are only suitable for low flow and consistent flow applications. Whereas, the injection-style odorizers directly introduce the odorant into the gas stream and may be used in a wide range of flow rates. Continue reading

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