Are you looking for natural gas odorizer manufacturers? Here is a list of leading U.S. brands and their contact information with descriptions of the company and the type of systems, whether evaporative wick-style or bypass odorizers, vaporization, or odorant injection style.

natural gas odorizer manufacturer
A 750 Odorizer turnkey system on a portable skid.

GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers manufactures ventless environmentally-friendly natural gas, biogas, and propane odorant injection systems. The company has two base models, the GPL 750 and the GPL 10000; both offer odor-free operation, accurate odorization proportional to flow, real-time system monitoring and alarm notification. The standard 750 is appropriate for low-volume applications, from no-flow to 18 MMSCF per day (1 PSI-225 PSI). The 10000 is for applications up to 240 MMSCF per day (30-1480 PSI). The equipment is sold, installed, and maintained through Linc Energy Systems, the master distributor.

King Tool Company

King Tool Company manufactures various equipment for the oil and gas industry, including two lines of natural gas odorizers. The “B” Series are bypass-type odorizers that handle flow rates up to 8 MMSCF per hour, while the “W” Series uses a wick assembly and is for small flow applications appropriate for flow up to 500 SCF per hour.

Preco Odorant Injection

PRECO is the manufacturer of both pulse bypass odorization systems, for lower volume and lower pressure applications as well as pump odorizer system for higher volume or higher-pressure applications.

  • Technology Types – chemical vaporization and injection

  • 402-493-3337
  • 607 North 108th Circle,
    Omaha, NE 68154

Welker Odoreyes

Welker manufactures varying odorization systems, from wick-style, pump injection to automatic bypass. The company’s flagship line is the ECOsystem, an automated infusion bypass system, offering odorization proportional to flow.

  • Technology Types – chemical vaporization and injection

  • (281) 491-2331
  • 13839 West Bellfort Street
    Sugar Land, TX 77498

YZ Systems

YZ Systems is the leading seller of odorization equipment and an Ingersoll Rand company. Their brand is NJEX® and offers various models for proportional-to-flow odorant injection.

  • Technology type – chemical injection

  • (281) 362-6500
  • 8825 N Sam Houston Pkwy W.
    Houston, Texas, US

Natural Gas Odorizer Manufacturer Guide

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International Odorization Equipment Manufacturers

  • Regas Srl – Italy
  • Intra EM – Latvia
  • Varicon Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd – India
  • Nikkiso Co., Ltd (LEWA Group) – Germany
  • Honeywell International
  • Fluideco – Spain
  • Emerson