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Ed Young Sales Company is Keeping Principals in Balance

We are happy to announce that the January 2017 Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA) Agency Sales magazine features the Ed Young Sales Company.  Continue reading

Leading Odorization Expert Teams up With Odorizer Distributor

Linc Energy Systems, the master distributor of GPL Odorizers (eco-friendly odorant injection equipment), now represents Midland Resource Recovery, the leading odorization expert.

Odorization Expert

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) is the premiere North American odorization service company. In 1996, MRR introduced a proactive solution to a continuing industry problem, obsolete odorant equipment removal, and destruction. Since MRR’s introduction, the company has expanded their offerings to include other odorization products and services now offered through Linc Energy Systems. Continue reading

How to Calibrate the Optical Comparator of the GPL Z9000 Odorizer?

Here are the instructions with video on how to calibrate the optical comparator of the GPL Z9000 natural gas odorizer.

Optical Comparator

The optical comparator and optical arrays use fiber optics to count the odorant drops as they drop through the drip chamber and into the line. It is this precise counting of measured drops that permit accurate injection.

The optical array on one side of the drip chamber conveys a beam to the array on the other side. When the beam strength suddenly changes, the comparator registers a drop and sends a signal to the Mixed I/O control board. Continue reading

How to Calibrate the Servo on GPL Z9000 Gas Odorization System?

Here are the instructions on how to calibrate the Servo on the GPL Z9000 natural gas odorizer. Zeck Systems/Sentry Equipment originally manufactured this odorization system.

GPL Z9000 Odorizer Servo Calibration

The Servo controls the position of the metering valve during normal operations in the GPL Z9000 odorizer. It opens and closes the valve as necessary to maintain the desired drop rate. As part of the biannual odorizer inspection program, remove the Servo and inspect the metering valve to assure it is operating smoothly.

From time to time, the Servo needs calibration or even replacement. If your unit requires a new Servo, contact GPL Odorizers or (303) 927-7683 or Linc Energy Systems. When performing the calibration on the line with low flow, close your odorant source valve coming from your odorant tank. Continue reading

GPL Z9000 Odorizer Preventive Maintenance

The following is the recommended preventative maintenance for the GPL Z9000 natural gas odorizer. These are guidelines and may vary depending on each site’s circumstances and history of performance. Also, a perfect place to acquaint yourself with this odorant injection system is the GPL Z9000 Instructional Video page. Continue reading

Is mercaptan toxic? Is it safe to inject it into natural gas?

Q. Isn’t mercaptan a toxin? What makes it is a good idea to inject into natural gas?

A. Mercaptan is indeed a toxic gas and flammable. At high levels, it affects the nervous system.  At all times the odorant must be handled properly. Continue reading

GPL Odorizers more eco-friendly than other odorant injectors?

Q.  Why are GPL Odorizers considered more eco-friendly than other odorant injection systems?

eco-friendly odorant injectors

No methane emissions result from the proper use of GPL Odorizers.

A.  Unlike most other natural gas odorant injectors, the GPL Odorizers are ventless and do not discharge gas into the atmosphere. Both the GPL 750 and GPL Z10000 do not use natural gas to actuate the injector and a self-contained unit improves safety, reduces odor, lowers leak-call complaints and saves pipeline gas.

What does this mean? No methane emissions result from the proper use of GPL Odorizers. Continue reading

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