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2017 AGA Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition

The 2017 AGA Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition is May 2 – May 5, in Orlando Florida.

AGA Operations Conference

2017 AGA Operations ConferenceThe annual AGA Operations Conference is the leading meeting for natural gas utility and transmission company operations management. Continue reading

GPL Odorizers releases the GPL 750 Odorant Injection System

GPL Odorizers releases the 750 odorizer in response to the demand for accurate and optimal odorization in low and intermittent flow conditions.

Low Flow Natural Gas Odorizer

Announcing the release of the GPL 750 odorizer, the only eco-friendly, self-contained, SMART odorant injection system that can handle low flow, no flow, and intermittent flow odorization.


GPL 750 Odorizer

[Wheat Ridge, CO]- [August 23, 2016] – GPL Odorizers LLC, the manufacturer of gas odorization systems, announced the release of the GPL 750 odorization system. The GPL 750 is an odorant injection system for natural gas, biogas, and propane. It is GPL Odorizers’ response to the call for accurate, optimal and consistent gas odorizer for low-volume, no-volume and intermittent flow applications in an eco-friendly platform. Continue reading

Just Released – GPL 750 Gas Odorizer

The GPL 750 Odorization System provides odorant injection for natural gas, biogas, and propane and is now available. The 750 Odorizer is an innovative and eco-friendly approach to accurate, optimal and consistent gas odorization for low-flow, no-flow and intermittent volume applications.

What Makes the GPL 750 Different

The GPL 750 uses patented drip technology to inject a fixed measure of odorant into the gas stream ensuring accurate and repeatable odorization in the most challenging conditions. Even in low flow and intermittent flow circumstances, the 750 odorizer provides odorization proportionate to gas volume. The 750 even functions well in no-flow situations.  It is simple in design, eco-friendly and SMART (offering remote data and control capabilities). Continue reading

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