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What is Natural Gas Odorization? It puts the smell in gas!

What is natural gas odorization? Why do we odorize? What is the difference between an odorant, an odorizer, and odorization?

The Problem: Natural Gas is Odorless


Odorization is the first line of defense against odorless and combustible gases.

Natural gas by itself is odorless and combustible. In other words, a fatal combination. In fact, one of the worst tragedies in the United States involved a gas leak at a London, Texas school in 1937. In that situation, the non-odorized gas ignited and the explosion took the lives of over 200 students and teachers.

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What is the odorant added to natural gas to make it smell?

As the manufacturer of natural gas odorizers, we are frequently asked, “What is the chemical added to natural gas to make it smell?”

Odorizing Natural Gas

In “What is Natural Gas Odorization?” we mention that natural gas by itself is odorless and because it is combustible an odorant is injected into the gas at a federally regulated level so that it can be perceived through an individual’s normal sense of smell.

That odorant is mercaptan.

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